4 Secrets You Should Know Before You Move to Denver

by Gary DiGiorgio 05/23/2021

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Denver is a stunning city that's got the perfect combination of big-city opportunities with a small-city feel. As such, it tends to attract people from all over the country who come in search of more than 300 days of sunshine, mild weather, and endless entertainment. Of course, like any city, there are some little-known secrets that residents around these parts have known all along—or figured out the hard way after they got here. Let's take a look at a few things nobody will tell you to consider when you move to Denver:

1. Vehicle Registration Often Causes Sticker Shock

In some areas of the country, vehicle registration is a flat-rate amount. That makes it easy to make sure you've got the cash or credit necessary to get your tags when you make a move. In the City & County of Denver, however, things aren't that straightforward. In fact, "[f]ees are based on the vehicle's age, weight, taxable value, and month of registration," and the DMV will not quote estimates over the phone, so be prepared to be surprised. As a note, the calculations can add up quickly, so you'll want to make sure you've got enough money available to cover costs that could exceed your expectations.

2. There's a Little Las Vegas Just Up the Hill

Vegas is a short (and cheap) flight from Denver, which makes it a fun weekend getaway spot when you've got some extra cash burning through your pocket. But why take your money out of the state when we've got a little mini Vegas up in the old mining towns of Black Hawk and Central City? This little-known vacation destination is only about 40 minutes away from Denver, giving you the perfect place to keep your cash local.

3. The Interstate Isn't as Harmless as It Looks

Like most major cities, Denver experiences morning and afternoon rush hours. However, newcomers often assume (for some reason) that traffic won't be that bad around here. This is a lesson to be learned the hard way. If you're traveling to Boulder from Denver for an interview, appointment, or other time-sensitive situation, tack on an extra hour to be sure you're there on time. Similarly, if your navigation app says nine miles will take you 50 minutes, it's not lying to you!

4. Altitude Sickness & Quick Buzzes are Real

Don't worry—with more than 700,000 residents living here, we can promise you that altitude sickness goes away. But if your body starts telling you to lay down or your brain starts playing tricks on you with a bit of dizziness, heed its warnings and take care of yourself. This means lie low on the alcohol consumption, too, as the reduced level of oxygen in the Mile High city can cause rapid inebriation. Not to mention, the beers are significantly stronger than lot of newcomers are used to! One more thing—don't be scared if your tissue looks a little crazy when you blow your nose; it's normal when you're new here.


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