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by Gary DiGiorgio 04/12/2020

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Many homeowners enjoy arts and craft hobbies that also supplement their income. The online e-commerce website Etsy, was founded on principles taken right from the age where cottage industries were equivalent to now have as small businesses. A cottage industry is the part of society that creates a business or manufacturing activity that is carried on within the person's home. Crafters on Etsy create handmade items, recirculate vintage items, or sell craft supplies for supplemental income.

Crafters and Financial Success on Etsy

You will find many success stories on Etsy, as well as some failures. But, that can be expected of any entrepreneurial venture and not just selling arts and crafts for profit. Generally speaking, the amount of money you can make selling homemade goods on a site like Etsy will be proportional to your creativity, and the amount of time and effort you put into your business. Here are some stats to consider:

  • As of December 2017, there were 1.9 million active sellers on Etsy
  • The site boasts over 33 million active buyers
  • Etsy reported $1 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2017
  • The Best Selling Crafts on Etsy

    So, if you're considering opening an Etsy store and are passionate about handmade items, there are some categories that are more popular than others. The top Etsy players have likely looked current trends and statistics on what people want. But, one thing is sure, if you're a newbie, Etsy gives you a centralized arena to showcase your talents without having to leave the comfort of your home.

    Also consider, when compared to other online marketplace sites, Etsy is cheap and easy to set up with only an active mailing address along with photos and descriptions of your items for listing. According to a leading SEO website that specializes in analyzing data and trends on Etsy, these are 3 of the best-selling Etsy marketplace stores:

  • Handmade Jewelry
  • Handmade Arts and Crafts
  • Unique Wedding Essentials
  • Since so many crafters use Etsy, many very lucrative stores only sell supplies for hobbyists and crafters. This is a great way to raise money to bootstrap another idea you may have for an Etsy store. With a little research, you can find wholesales offering extremely low prices for crafting supplies that you can re-sale at top dollar.

    Easy-to-Learn Crafts

    The easiest to learn craft is the one that you are passionate about and don't mind spending the hours it takes to learn and create. If you don't already have a penchant for a particular genre of crafting, here are some to consider that are not difficult to learn:

  • Unique Picture Frames
  • Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces
  • Artistic Make-up Bags and Tote Bags
  • Wedding Flower Crowns
  • Natural Rope Bowls
  • Scented Bath Bombs
  • Homemade crafts can use inexpensive materials - but then they must exude a high level of creativity or uniqueness. Another option is to learn a hobby that requires expensive or hard-to-find items such as precious gemstones, found items in nature like driftwood, or beautiful and authentic vintage items. Here you can be sure to fetch a very nice price for your exquisite creations or authentic goods. 

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